the erotic eye and its nude

an inquiry into the vicissitudes of the scopic and the phanic drive
by Stefan Beyst and more than hundred photographers from all over the world
a comprehensive study on the subject
illustrated with hundreds of exquisite photos

0. Introduction, choice of the illustrations, summary text only version
1. the erotic eye and the erotic senses
2. the erotic appearance of man
3. the eye's seizure of power: the visualisation of the erotic appearance:
4. revealing and concealing
5. the nude clad
6. clothes and the metamorphosis of the erotic appearance
7. the taboo on exhibitionism and the orgy
8. the nude captured in the image (part 1)
8b. the nude captured in the image (part 2)
9. the transfiguration of the nude in the image
10 in the beast with two backs' den
11. the sacrifice of the nude
12. the taboo on erotic imagery
see also: 'the ecstasies of eros' see also: stefan beyst on contemporary artists

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