Concerning the cult of trangression

Those who hold that the fruit tastes sweet because it is forbidden should ask themselves why plants developed sweet fruits rather than thorny seeds.

That is not to say that transgression would not be pleasurable, but rather that the pleasure resides in the transgression as such, not in the nature of the transgressive act, which can be pleasurable (like making love) or painful (like self-mutilation).

Even less is it to say that only transgression is pleasurable: obedience, especially to the voice of conscience, compliance to one's ideals, not to mention running with the herd, can be intensely pleasurable, equally regardless of the pleasurable or unpleasurable nature of the obedient, compliant or conventional act in question.

Could it be that the quest for pleasure in transgression is a mere substitute for those who have poor prospects in the quest for pleasure in virtue?


Unbegotten and immortal:

Even after death we, who never cease to exist, see how our dearest fare, our friends, our culture, mankind; how the earth fares, the galaxies, even the very universe that we, who have always been there, saw emerge from the Big Bang long before our birth.


Variation on the golden rule:

Identity is something you do unto others.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you


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