This site contains most of the poetic and essayistic work of Carlos Barbarito as well as texts on his poetry.

The poems are reproduced in accordance with the intentions of the author. In some cases, mainly concerning writings from the first years, he opted for a definitive version to the exclusion of alternative ones, and corrected misspellings and semantic and syntactic errors. As some poems happened to be inserted in more than one bundle, the author decided to include them only once in the group that fitted them most from the point of view of coherence and harmony. In one case - the only one - Carlos Barbarito changed the title of a bundle of poems. Thus, when you click on 'Teatro de Lirios' on the page ‘poems’, you will be referred to the bundle 'Fish of the Earth', since this was the original title, changed at the last moment for reasons that will not be explained here.

The majority of the texts on art and photography were taken from specialized pages on the internet. Only a single source is mentioned, although several writings are published in more then one site.

The names of the authors of texts and reviews of works of the Argentine poet and essayist are linked to their web pages.

The intention of the maker of this website and Carlos Barbarito alike, is to present the poems and texts to as wide as possible a public.

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